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At Forrester Law Office we take swift action to protect our clients’ interests and to get results for their cases. Do not wait to call our skilled attorneys.


Our assertive attorneys can protect your rights in a divorce filing and guide you through many types of family law disputes.

People who are facing charges need guidance from the start of their case. We protect our clients in the criminal justice system.
Injuries caused by accidents can lead to expensive and lengthy recovery periods. Our attorneys will fight for your compensation.

We help people create valid wills and represent their interests in probate.

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Serving The Best Interests Of Clients Throughout East Tennessee

Forrester Law Office gives people in the Knoxville metropolitan area incisive legal guidance that allows them to overcome many kinds of legal problems. Our Clinton-based staff creates well-planned legal strategies that get you the best possible outcome for your case. For over 35 years, our lawyers have protected the interests of clients in the courtroom and in negotiations.

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We Put The Needs Of Our Clients First

Our lawyers focus on the needs of our clients and strive to get their preferred case results. You will have a knowledgeable attorney guiding you through every step of the legal process. We will manage your case details, so you can focus on moving your life forward in a positive direction.

For each legal problem, there exists a best possible outcome. We thoroughly review every case and give clients a clear idea of what they can expect as well as our recommended approach. Our lawyers help clients make educated decisions, and we then pursue whatever our clients define as a win for their case.

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Talk To Lawyers Who Can Make Your Case Easier To Manage

We can give you a straightforward review of your legal matter in a free consultation. Our law firm has competitive rates, and we may be able to travel to you if you are unable to come to the firm. We represent clients across east Tennessee, including but not limited to Anderson, Knox and Blount counties.

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