Protect Your Rights

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In the digital age, some teens find themselves facing criminal charges related to online activity. These cases often catch teens and their parents by surprise, and some young internet users are falsely accused of wrongdoing. There are various charges people face related to online misconduct and an increasing number of teens find themselves in court over cyberstalking and cyberbullying. 

Approaching these allegations properly is crucial and there is a lot at stake. This post will touch on some strategies to help protect your teen’s future and prove their innocence. 

Gathering evidence related to online crime accusations

Sometimes, those facing false allegations of online misconduct are able to prove that they are innocent by gathering evidence. For example, messages from another party can help prove that one is innocent and there are other types of information that people can gather to support their case in court. Images, social media posts by others, and reviewing one’s own posts often helps. Other strategies can strengthen one’s defense, such as eyewitness testimony. 

Unique hurdles surrounding online crime cases

Online crimes are unique for a host of reasons. For starters, these cases are sometimes tricky because it is easy for people to impersonate another or produce false evidence. Aside from the fickle nature of online activity, many people do not realize that certain activities are against the law and there is often confusion regarding the interpretation of cyberbullying and cyberstalking laws. If your teen is facing online crime allegations and you believe that they are innocent, you need to pore over the details of the law and do all you can to protect them from the consequences of these cases.