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We all reach a time in our life where we wish we got more sleep. Sleep deprivation is al too common, as individuals in Tennessee are overworked due to their work schedule or home life. No matter the reason for a deficit in sleep, it is important that one is aware of the impact it can have on one’s brain. And for motorists, driving while driving can prove to be a very dangerous choice, as it could be the cause of a serious and even deadly automobile collision.

Driving while drowsy

While anyone could fall victim of being drowsy behind the wheel, a current study found that more than half of the drivers that fall asleep while driving are 25 years or younger. It was also found that more than half of all teenagers polled stated that they drove while drowsy within the past year, with 15% of them stating that they drive drowsy at least once a week.

It is important to note that drowsy driving can occur on all roads and at any time of the day or night. Being drowsy while driving does not just occur when a person drives at night. This means that a drowsy driving could be traveling during one’s morning commute, while running errands in the afternoon or gong to or from a night out.

The dangers

The dangers associated with drowsy driving are comparable to drunk driving. In fact, some state that it is more dangerous than drinking and driving. It was found that being awake from more than 20 hours could cause impairments that are similar to a BAC of 0.08. This is the legal limit in the state.

While the data of crashes caused by drowsy driving is unreliable because if a driver does not admit to falling asleep, this information cannot be checked. Nonetheless, the data available on drowsy driving is significant enough to establish that it is dangerous and the cause of serious car accidents.

Following an automobile collision, it is important for victims to understand what can be done following the incident. While obtaining necessary medical care is paramount, it is also imperative for victims to understand the cause of the crash. If a drowsy driving is to blame, it may be possible to hold them accountable for the crash. A personal injury action could help with assigning liability and assist with the recovery of compensation to address the damages and harms suffered.