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Former Morgan County principal faces drug charges

| Nov 10, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A former local educator who ran into controversy during her tenure as a principal in Morgan County is now facing serious drug charges, including allegations that she was selling controlled substances.

Authorities in Morgan County say they initially pulled the woman over because the vehicle she was driving had an apparent connection to a string of car break-ins.

Police claim that what the women told them when offering an explanation suggested that she was involved in the sale of drugs. They had a police dog sniff around the vehicle, and the dog allegedly indicated that drugs were in her vehicle.

In an ensuing search, police methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin and some pills, as well as paraphernalia. Police also discovered the woman was carrying over $750 in cash.

The woman had been the subject of a controversy before revolving around excessive discipline while she was a principle, but she was not convicted of a crime in that case.

Tennessee drug trafficking charges can lead to years in prison

The woman will likely face several felony charges, especially given the amount of methamphetamine the police say they found. She may wind up spending decades in prison or serve an extensive term of probation.

These charges can carry with them a fine of up to $100,000 and also several other types of monetary penalties, such as having to pay cleanup costs and civil forfeiture.

A felony conviction can also affect the woman’s personal and professional opportunities and other legal rights.

The woman may have legal options and defenses available with respect to these charges. For example, prosecutors will have to prove every charge beyond a reasonable doubt, and they must also show that they followed the law at every step.