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Authorities in Tennessee have charged a man with distribution of schedule II substance.

Police say he is connected with several drug overdoses in another part of this state. The police believe the man sold over one thousand prescription pills that contained fentanyl. These pills were allegedly being traded on the underground market.

Police claimed also to have recovered hundreds of pills during their action against this man.

Distribution charges in Tennessee are serious

In Tennessee, distribution of a controlled substance carries serious penalties with it.

For instance, depending on the drug involved, a person may face up to a 25-year prison sentence and must receive at least a 15-year term, although a part of them may be suspended to probation or parole. A fine of up to $500,000 is also possible.

It is important for people to realize that the law does not just apply to people who are selling drugs as a business. Even casual exchanging of controlled substances, even if it is not for profit, can lead to serious drug trafficking charges.

Furthermore, someone with a drug conviction may find it very difficult to find work afterward. If the person who is accused happens to be in the medical profession, he or she may lose his or her license to practice that profession.

On the other hand, people who are facing drug charges in Tennessee may have legal defenses available to them.

For instance, law enforcement authorities must follow the law at every step in their investigation.

Sometimes, they may skip steps or try to cut corners in this respect. The end result could be that the evidence police and prosecutors need to use in court gets suppressed and prohibited.

It can be a scary thing to face a drug charge, but legal options are available.