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Tennessee’s drunk driving laws cover many different types of conduct, but the basic elements are operating a motor vehicle on a public street under the influence of alcohol. A resident of Newport, TN may have added to the list of illegal behavior when he was arrested under suspicion of DUI while operating his power lawnmower on a city street.

The crime

According to police records, a Newport police officer spotted the suspect riding a power lawnmower on a city street during a rain storm. The officer observed that the mower no taillights and also observed that the man driving the tractor emitted a strong smell of alcohol. When asked by the officer why he was riding his mower in the rain, the suspect answered that he was “making a beer run.” The suspect said that he had already consumed a quart of alcohol, in addition to at least one Four Lokos and some tequila.

The defendant failed a field sobriety check when he blew a measurement of 0.128. When asked to provide a second sample, the man refused. The suspect was thereupon arrested and taken to jail.

The charges

Police records from the incident indicate that the defendant faces a number of criminal charges, including a second DUI offense, driving with a suspended license and operating an unlicensed vehicle on a highway. The defendant faces serious criminal charges, and if convicted, he could face a significant period of incarceration, a heavy fine, and loss of driving privileges.

Anyone facing similar charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can evaluate the evidence, suggest potential defense strategy, and if appropriate, participate in the negotiation of a plea agreement.