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In Tennessee, people of all ages can face problematic consequences if they are arrested on drug charges. For some, those challenges start even before they have dealt with the charges in any way. Job loss, problems with their school and extracurricular activities are common and can have a negative impact on the person’s life. Once the case goes to trial and there is the chance of a conviction, there might be fines, jail time and a criminal record. One recent case shows the potential issues that a young person can be confronted with even if it is seemingly minor.

Marijuana arrest results in quarterback losing his spot at Tennessee

A highly-rated quarterback recruit who was set to play for Tennessee was arrested on marijuana charges and subsequently dismissed from the team. The student-athlete was in a vehicle that was stopped by police. Also in the vehicle was an offensive lineman on the team. The quarterback apparently told his teammate to throw marijuana out the window of the car. Both were charged with simple possession. He was the 18th ranked quarterback coming out of high school and remained with the team even after there was a change from the coach who recruited him to another head coach. He had previously been suspended from the team and was reinstated before the arrest.

Fighting drug charges is key when trying to avoid the worst penalties

Despite marijuana being legalized for personal and medical use in many states, it remains illegal in Tennessee. Even minor drug charges like possession of the drug and possession of drug paraphernalia can result in a misdemeanor charge with the possibility of jail time and fines. Those who are selling it or cultivating it can be charged with felonies. When confronted with a marijuana arrest, there are ways to fight the case and seek a positive outcome criminally and personally.

Having experienced representation can help combat drug charges

Even if this young man’s college football career at Tennessee is likely over, that does not mean his opportunity to play at a different school is eliminated, nor does it mean his prospects are dim. First, he must consider the options to deal with the drug charges. Perhaps a plea agreement or alternative sentence is available. There could be issues with the evidence that warrant the charges being dropped. There might even be an acquittal. When a person is just starting out in their adult life, drug allegations can damage their chance at achieving their goals. Having professional advice can help in seeking viable solutions.