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Tennessee law enforcement recently hit you with DUI charges, but you still want to move forward with your job search. Could the encounter prevent you from qualifying for your dream job?

Chron explains how a DUI disqualifies you from specific roles. Learn how to proceed with your job search and protect your prospects.

Arrest and conviction

Did the police arrest you for DUI, or did they convict you? An arrest may not affect your job search negatively, as most states limit employers to asking only about convictions rather than arrests. Read applications carefully to understand how much information you must tell employers, and only bring up your drunk driving charge if hiring managers ask you about it specifically.

Nature of the job

The industry also determines whether a DUI affects your job prospects. If you want to operate a vehicle or care for children, your drunk driving charge may bar you from employment. You could also run into hurdles if you want to work in the military, the government or a business sector that involves handling sensitive information.


When you must share your DUI with employers, do not lie. If the company runs a background check on you, expect them to learn about your charge. Consider how to explain the circumstances that led to your encounter with police, the steps you take to make sure you never get another DUI and what you do to improve your life after getting a DUI.

DUIs do not bar you from enjoyable employment. Getting the facts on the matter helps you know where and how to focus your energies.