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When looking into potential options to help you through a divorce, you might come across bird nesting. This relatively up-and-coming option has a lot to offer, and it appeals to many families that still have a desire to co-parent.

But will bird nesting work for you? It has strengths and benefits that allow it to suit different families of all sorts, so it may be what you need.

What is bird nesting?

Divorce Mag takes a look at bird nesting. This form of house-splitting during and after a divorce takes its name from the way birds raise their young. Each adult bird will spend some time in the nest, while the young stay there until they are ready to fly.

Likewise, with nesting, your child does not go between you and your co-parent’s home. Instead, they simply remain in the family home and you and your co-parent take turns visiting them.

Logistic and financial problems

This can pose some problems with logistics and finances, of course. For one, both you and your co-parent must have another location to stay when you are not living in the family home. This can pose a problem if you do not have the financial means to do so, or do not have anyone whose home you can stay in.

However, studies show that this provides an unparalleled level of stability to your child, which can allow them to cope with the split better and adapt to life after divorce with less stress. Thus, if you can make it work, you may want to look into this as a possibility to try out.