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If you face charges due to alleged drunk driving and you are under the age of 21, it is essential to understand how this could impact your life. Aside from resulting in immediate consequences, such as penalties imposed by the court, these charges could also come back to haunt you in the future.

Underage drunk driving is especially difficult for various reasons. For example, young drivers have their entire lives ahead of them, and some find themselves in this position due to peer pressure or unfamiliarity with alcohol. Some are wrongly accused of drinking alcohol before driving altogether.

Court-imposed penalties for underage drunk driving

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 can face various repercussions if charged with driving while impaired. For example, if you find yourself in this position, the court could require you to perform community service. Additionally, you could face a fine of $250.

Drivers in this age group can also face the revocation of their license for one year without the ability to apply for a restricted license.

Other hardships due to drunk driving charges

Losing your driving privileges could make it very challenging to get to school or work. Additionally, you could struggle with a damaged reputation and face problems with respect to your friends and family members. Later in life, while applying for work in a certain field, your record could come back to haunt you.

For these reasons, it is pivotal to thoroughly review the details of your case and your options if you face underage drunk driving charges.