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The termination of parental rights is not something a court does without serious consideration. The general stance of the state is that children deserve to have both parents in their lives. However, there are times when not having one parent involved is what is best for the child’s health and safety.

The Tennessee State Courts explain the court does require significant evidence to prove a person is not able to act as a parent and the court should terminate parental rights.


The ground upon which a court may terminate parental rights basically is when that parent fails to provide any type of support to the child. The court will look at whether the parent has attempted to remain in the child’s life and paid support. If there is evidence that the parent failed to make consistent support payments or has completely abandoned the child, the court is likely to approve the termination request.

Best interests

The court always wants to make rulings in the best interest of the child. Generally, this means allowing parents to keep their rights to the child. However, if the court sees situations where the child might be in danger physically or mentally or the actions of a parent show that parent is risking the child’s health and safety, then it would rule the best interests of the child is to not have that parent in his or her life.

It is important to remember that in any custody type situation, the court is only on the side of the child. Every ruling it makes is for the good of the child. Courts do not care how parents feel because custody is all about the effects on the child.