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Defense You Can Count On Against Criminal Charges

Forrester Law Office is dedicated to providing personalized, attentive and diligent criminal defense services in Anderson County. If you have been arrested for, have been charged with or are under investigation for a crime, I will vigorously seek the best possible outcome on your behalf. I aggressively protect your rights to keep you out of jail and avoid other consequences of a conviction.

Do Not Wait To Secure Help From A Defense Attorney

As a Clinton criminal law firm, my firm is dedicated to helping people protect their rights. If you have been arrested, I will assist you in getting bonded out of jail. There is a great sense of urgency if you have been arrested. I can work swiftly to get you or your loved one out of jail.

Forrester Law Office protects the rights of individuals arrested for, charged with or under investigation for crimes that include:

If charges have already been filed, I will immediately file discovery motions. I aggressively seek to have evidence suppressed or dismissed. I consistently seek the best possible outcome for each client. Depending on the charges, the best resolution could include having the charges dropped, having the charges reduced, staying out of jail and avoiding other serious consequences.

Have You Been Arrested Or Charged With A crime?

Do not hesitate to schedule your free consultation. I can be reached at 865-457-7900. You can also contact our firm online.

The law firm is located on South Charles G. Seivers Boulevard in Clinton. My office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Credit card payments are accepted.

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