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Getting through the holidays without a custody fight

The holidays are a time when people are planning to gather with family and loved ones, share good meals together and even exchange gifts. However, it can also be an emotionally charged time of year, and it can be stressful for Tennessee parents who are sharing custody of children. This is one reason why it is so important to have a thorough and clear parenting plan in place. 

Children benefit when allowed to maintain a strong relationship with both parents after divorce. This probably means sharing time with both parents during the holidays as well. You may have to set aside your own temporary emotions for the benefit of your kids, but this can be a good way to avoid custody disputes during this busy and important time of year.

Zombie debt can disrupt your finances

When you pay off a credit card, car loan or personal loan, you may spend a moment rejoicing that this one burden is now out of your life. You certainly do not go back to that debt from time to time to make sure it remains paid off. In fact, as time passes, you may completely forget that you ever had the debt in the first place.

Like many in Tennessee and across the country who struggle to pay their debts, you may be surprised and upset to receive a letter or phone call from a creditor, saying you owe money for a debt you can't remember or one you were sure you had already paid. You may feel tempted to send a payment just to avoid dealing with it any longer. Before you do so, you may want to be sure you are not paying for zombie debt.

Supreme Court finds TVA might be sued for injuries

If you’re injured in an accident, you might not have options for holding others legally responsible. When you consult an attorney, they’ll likely ask questions to clarify whether, for example, the manager of property where you were injured knew about a dangerous spot on the property and failed to deal with it by posting warning signs and so on.

But the first question and the make-or-break answer is usually whether the manager is the government.

Three questions divorcing parents often have about child custody

Child custody is a common concern parents often have at the beginning of the divorce process. More specifically, parents often wonder what custody options are available, who gets to make decisions about child custody and how that decision will be made. Understanding the answers to these questions can help parents advocate for the best custody option for their children.

What custody options are possible?

What to know about power of attorney

It is important to be well-informed for any large decision in life. Making decisions for the end of your life is no different. That is why it is essential to understand the elements and responsibilities of powers of attorney, to ensure your decisions will be in good hands when you are unable to make them yourself.


Is there a right way to tell kids you’re getting a divorce?

After months of trying to make the marriage work, you and your child’s parent have decided that this is the end. Now the time has come to tell your kid about the life change, something that you are dreading. You may not know when the time is right to tell them or even what you should say. They’re old enough to see that the marriage has been in trouble for a while, but they may not understand the long-term implications. Each parent approaches the conversation differently, but having an idea in mind of what to say can prevent you from being caught off guard.

Here are three tips for telling your child that you and your spouse are getting a divorce.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When bills starting piling up, and credit card or personal loan balances seem insurmountable, debt can become a source of great anxiety. If you’ve exhausted all other avenues for regaining control of your finances, there are fortunately federal laws that can help. For some, Chapter 7 bankruptcy represents a path to resolving unsecured debt and starting anew.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy—the most commonly filed type of bankruptcy in the U.S.—is ideal for those who don’t hold many assets and have debts that exceed half their annual income. If you qualify, you may be able to have your eligible debts discharged or forgiven. If you think Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be right for you, it’s important to familiarize yourself with what it entails.

5 Reasons To Modify A Parental Plan

Once the divorce proceedings are over and a parental plan is in place, there may be reasons that you want and need to modify a parenting plan. This situation is very common, as change is a part of life. Below are five reasons why modification of a parental plan makes sense.

Change in Work Schedule





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